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I love these books These Sight reading books are ood and extras for kids at the same level It s helped my kids feel confident with sight reading The best way to learn to play Very useful and helpful Flows through uickly and efficiently I am new to this series but I am a FIRM believer of Sight Reading exercises for my piano students Sightreading by Kjos West was my. Faber Piano AdventuresGood sightreading skill is a powerful asset for the developing musician Carefully comp.

Download Ebook Level 2B – Sightreading Book: Piano Adventures –

Reviewing other volumes The skills taught are progressive and logical and ju My toes don t uite stretch far enough to hit all the keys with book The range is a bit too wide I also attempted to play with my nose and tongue simultaneously but could read my music at the same time Nevertheless it played fine with my fingers It s a ood book Great product kids loved it. Familiar Fun lively characters instruct students and motivate sightreading with a spirit of adventure and fu.

Past favorite but I believe those volumes are out of print I have started this series with 3 students one at level 1 and 2 in Level 2B and 3A preordered I LIKE the series For young students the drawings are cute and the little written exercises on many of the pages are useful and ood reinforcement So far my students seem to like the books and I am looking forward to. Osed variations of the Level 2B Lesson Book pieces help the student see the new against the backdrop of the.

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